Thursday, August 20, 2009

Plaxico Burress WR Ex-New York Giants

Plaxico Burress earned a Super Bowl ring, and I guess his life has been on somewhat of a downfall since then, you know shooting yourself in the leg and then going to jail for 2 years because of it is a pretty big downfall. The 2007 all pro plead guilty today to a plea deal that will put him in prison for 2 years, on a weapons charge that carried a 'mandatory' 3 1/2 year sentence according to the mayor. The weapons charge was from when Plaxico was in a club in New York with fellow Giants LB Antonio Pierce and had a glock in his sweatpants, when it started falling down he tried to grab it and accidentally pulled the trigger shooting himself in the leg. This is why you always carry a holster. So for shooting himself in the leg, he gets to go to jail for 2 years, which is 1 month more than Michael Vick Served (dog fighting charges), 20 more months than Jamal Lewis served (conspiring to possess with the intent to distribute 5 kilograms of cocaine) , 21 more months than Leonard Little served (vehicular manslaughter/drunk driving), 23 more months than Donte Stallworth served (DUI/second degree manslaughter). With all that said, it seems that a lot of NFL players feel like Plaxico got fucked by the long dick of the law.

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