Monday, August 10, 2009

Justin Feagin QB Michigan Wolverines

Justin Feagin was kicked off the Michigan Wolverine football team for the ever popular "Violation of Team Rules" Well it turns out that he didn't sleep through a meeting or throw someones clothes in the ice tub, turns out that he was kind of a drug dealer. Feagin told investigators that he was setting up a cocaine deal between a Michigan student and a friend from Florida, the Michigan student gave Feagin $600 for the cocaine which was sent to the man in Florida, when the student didn't receive the ounce of yayo the shit hit the fan... more like the fire hit the door, he set fire to Feagins door at his dormatory. The police went to the student, and he led police to Feagin. Feagin also admitted to the police (outside of the deal gone bad) that he sold marijuana while in high school in Florida, but hadn't at Michigan. It was supposedly "Common Knowledge" that Feagin sold marijuana at Michigan though.

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