Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Juqua Parker DL Philadelphia Eagles

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

Juqua Parker is breaking the trend, usually when you get to training camp you are so focused on getting better, so exhausted from working hard every single day to prove you belong in the NFL, prove you deserve a shot to play on the team, well fuck that shit, Juqua Parker just wants to get high. During a traffic stop near LeHigh University where the Eagles hold training camp, Parker was arrested at around 12:30 AM for Marijuana Possession. The driver was driving without head lights on, and turned left when there were obvious no left turn signs, but I'm guessing they forgot because they was high. They smelled a strong sent of burnt marijuana when they opened the car window, and when they opened the passenger door the found a baggy of marijauana and a blunt.

The Driver? Eagles Offensive Guard Todd Herremans. So there you have it, you give the players a day off and a 1 AM curfew, and there they go off and get high.

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