Monday, August 10, 2009

Jared Bronson TE SirVincent Rogers DL Miami Dolphins

Jared Bronson (Left) and SirVincent Rogers (Right, Right) were both undrafted free agents for the Miami Dolphins. Jared Bronson is a TE from Central Washington and SirVincent Rogers is a DT from Houston. They weren't drafted, but had got a chance by signing with the Dolphins, I mean, many players have become successful after not being drafted... Rod Smith, Defensive NFL MVP James Harrison, celebrity dating Tony Romo, Willie Parker, Antonio Gates, etc etc, and hell, even I wasn't drafted again this year. Well despite getting this shot that many dream of, they just up and quit the team. Just quit, like "Sorry Sparano, Bill P, but I gotta roll this shits too tough, PEACE!"

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