Friday, August 21, 2009

Chris Davis WR Tennessee Titans

Chris Davis, a Fourth round selection in the 2007 draft by the Tennessee Titans, he hasn't had much of an impact for the Titans catching 7 passes for 96 yards for them. Well now he might be able to stick at an awesome career of 69 yards because he was arrested for DUI. Davis' '07 Escalade was pulled over going 44 in a 30 at around 2 AM, and he 'smelled of alcohol', which I stand by that an officer will say that no matter what as long as it is close to bar time. The officer (coincidentally the same one that arrested McNair for DUI in the past, and the one who arrested the woman who killed McNair for DUI 2 days before McNair was killed) gave him a breathalyzer, which read that he was only a bit overthe legal limit, at a .11.

The thing? The Titans play the Cowboys tonight, at 7.00 PM tonight. Lucky for Davis (Lucky?) he was injured allowing him to stay back when the Titans left for the game... allowing him to get arrested for DUI.

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