Friday, August 21, 2009

Aqib Talib CB Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Aqib Talib has a history of being a brawler, but usually its been with team mates. At the Rookie Symposium during the budgets and finance lesson, he got in a fight with a 7th round selection -- by the same team -- Cory Boyd. I think it probably went a little something like this:

Talib: "Over the long term, stocks have earned a higher rate of return than Treasury bonds. Therefore, many recent proposals to reform Social Security include a stock investment component. In evaluating these proposals, the Social Security Administration Office of the Actuary has generally used a 7.0 percent real return for stocks (based on a long-term historical average) throughout its 75-year projection period. For the return on Treasury bonds, it currently assumes some variation in the initial decade followed by a constant real return of 3.0 percent. Therefore, its current assumption for the equity premium, defined as the difference between yields on equities and Treasuries, is 4.0 percent in the long run."

Boyd: "I disagree, the projected return on stocks and the resulting equity premium used by the OACT are too high. A constant 7.0 percent stock return is not consistent with the value of today's stock market and projected slow economic growth."

Talib: "You wanna go, sucka?!"

Boyd: "Bring it Bitch!"

Talib also was involved in a brawl during this years camp with an Offensive Lineman, Donald Penn. Talib weighs in at 205, and Penn weighs in at over 3 bills. So to even that out Talib brought out a secret weapon, his helmet, swinging it and hitting a different teammate, Torrie Cox. Cox, who was trying to break up the fight prior to the helmet to face contact, got a cut and likely stitches.

So on to the new fight now, Talib who was allegedly "the most intoxicated out of the 3" passengers in a mans taxi started punching the back of the head and neck of the taxi driver for some reason, one which no one knows, apparently even Talib who tells teammates he doesnt remember what happened. Talib was later arrested for battery and resisting arrest.

The taxi driver, is interviewed here, telling us about what happened the Talib (Which should be mentioned, tested positive for marijuana 3 times while at Kansas) and how intoxicated he was.

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