Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rave Rayner K Washington Redskins

Dave Rayner, ex 6th round selection out of Michigan State, is seen here getting his Bud Light on, likely at college. The Picture is from Stock Lemon, "The main squeeze on sports" psssh lame. Anyways, Dave has been a member of the.... the Colts, Packers, Chiefs, Chargers, Dolphins, Lions, Bengals, and now the Redskins. 8 teams since 2005, so he obviously is good enough to replace an injured K, and he has 59 attempts in that 4 year 8 team career, completing 42 (71.2%) with a long of 54. The Packers had him after Billy Cundiff who basically is the worst Kicker ever, so I thought he was good when he started a whole season for the Pack and tied the Packers long field goal record, but it turns out I was just used to bad kickers cause Rayner pretty much blows.

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