Friday, July 31, 2009

Matt Stafford QB Detroit Lions

Matt Stafford is having a better summer than you and I, there is no doubt about it. Yes, he looks pissed in that top picture, but he is surrounded by some dimes on a boat getting his drink on, all while going to a team that he has NO expectations with the first season, one win is better than last seasons win total, all while getting paid by said team a guarunteed 41.7 MILLION dollars, which is more guaranteed money ever handed out to a player in the NFL -- and this one has never thrown a single pass, let alone taken a single snap.

So Stafford basically didn't have to do anything to get up with these chicks, all he had to say is, I'm in the NFL and I make more money than anybody in the NFL. Bam, easy, get ready for pregnancy claims though, but these two chicks aint got nothing on this next girl....

I mean, look at the rack on this girl. Dayuuummmm... Theres nothing really else I can say about that chick.

Edit: Commenter brings to light that that is Stafford girlfriend. So Stafford, you lucky S.O.B. I hope Daunte Culpepper beats you out in camp now.

All in all, grovel at the shoes of Matthew Stafford, he lives a life that many stive for... and few succeed. That life of being paid millions for never having done anything, for playing a game you love, and not having to work your game to get literally any babe you want.


  1. You know that's his girlfriend Kelly Hall, right? She's a cheerleader at UGA and they have been dating for quite some time now.

    It's rumored that she got her new boobs from Staff, but she's spoiled -- her dad is ridiculously wealthy (she went to Wesleyan in Norcross - a famously expensive private school) and he might have said ok to his precious little girl.

  2. Well damn, can't say I knew that.

    and Wesleyan, famously douchey school known for graduating notable bitch Bill Belichick.