Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Donovan McNabb QB Philadelphia Eagles

Everyone knows about Donovan McNabb's heroics on the field, but does everyone know that McNabb parties with porn stars? Particularily porn stars that are dating Chuck Lidell? Well thanks to Deadspin, they brought out the story that Jayden James told about partying in Las Vegas with Donovan McNabb and others. The story is on the NS4W blog of Jayden James. Of course, Donovan stated he didn't want pictures taken, which completely makes sense because he is married. They snuck a picture anyways, and explained the whole story. So check it out on that blog. Unless you are at work. Which means that your boss could walk by and see you looking at a porn stars blog. Which might be grounds for firing, I don't know, I'm not in the working world quite yet.


  1. He also cheats on his wife with girls from West Chester University...whenever a freelancer wants to break the happening in the paper, the Eagles pay the guy off not to write it.

    He also goes to bars and gives his number out to girls and tells them that they'll "get to business" when she comes over. My friend was hit on by him and she had no ides who he was.

    She found out who he was from a friend and said..."aren't you married?" He replied, "Do you want my number or not?"

    This is why he's scum. But if Andy Reid is a scum of a father, no one wander why this team harbors scum...Michael Vick now too...need I say more?

  2. i'm not sure where west chester is, but he does the same thing in the phoenix area. Don't all pro athletes do it?