Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Braylon Edwards WR Cleveland Browns

Okay, Once again, Braylon Edwards isn't drinking in this picture, but this one isn't about the picture, this one is about the story of what happened the night of Dante Stallworth's DUI manslaughter night. I just wanted a picture of him partying instead of playing.

Well it turns out that Dante Stallworth wasn't the only drunk WR at the party, but Stallworth was the only stupid one. Edwards told authorities that he was at the party with Stallworth, they met at the pool of the hotel and drank together, but that he thought that Stallworth looked sober otherwise he would have never let him drive home. Now I would spend about 7 bucks a night, splitting 2 cases of good ol' Keystone Light with a couple friends and I'd call that a good night if there was a party, but nope, not for Braylon. Braylon's receipts show that he spent $3,443 on alcohol, including $1,500 on Perrier-Jouet Rose Champagne, and $695 on Patron Silver tequila. Stallworth was no slouch himself, a single bottle of Patron that cost $375, and $90 on shots of tequila. Of course, it wasn't all for him, some of the shots were for the ladies, no word on if he shared the bottle of tequila though. If I spent that much on a bottle, no way in hell I'd share it.


  1. good story...its so funny but so true how these rich athletes can go out and blow a couple grand on a night they plan on driving home...if im out drinking and spend more than 30 bucks i better not be driving anywhere because then I didn't make the most of my spent money!

  2. HAHA so true joe so true.