Friday, July 17, 2009

Adam 'Pacman' Jones CB Ex-Dallas Cowboys

Adam 'Pacman' Jones, the disposed of ex Dallas Cowboy return man and CB, who "likeded the strip clubs" who says they are "just like regular clubs", has also been known to get in trouble for fights and shootings at strip clubs. Okay, the story, which I don't know exactly, was that he made it rain and then some stripper tried picking up the money and he kept his pimp hand strong and showed that stripper who was boss, then they got kicked out of the club forcefully by the bouncer (possibly the one that is know paralyzed) and then a lone gunman shot up the place. Well it looks like from this new video Review Journal (video on this site is actual video, titties asses and all, so its not really safe for work), that the one that was really mad was Jermaine Dupri. He tells those hoes "Ya'll just keep fucking dancing, Don't bend down and try and get yo money, Alright?" Then it shows Nelly, who apparently doesn't want to be filmed in that type of club, and then it cuts out shortly after Nelly waves off the camera. THEN shortly after that, shit got shot up. No one knows what really happened at the moment, but one man was left paralyzed from the shooting.

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