Thursday, June 4, 2009

Stu Schweigert S Detroit Lions, Lamont Jordan RB New England Patriots

Stuart Schweigert was drafted in the third round out of Purdue by the Oakland Raiders, and Lamont Jordan was drafted in the second round out of Maryland by the New York Jets And there drunk asses both do a pretty damn good job embaressing themselves at Lamont Jordans birthday party. Here is whoever this guy is interviewing people all around Jordans party when he gets to talking to Jordan and Schweigert, this whole video is really ridiculous and i reccomend you watch the entire interview part. It starts around the 1:45 mark.

Schweigert gives the best interview, full of "AIIGHTS!" and "my man Lamont, is a BEAST, and hes from MARYLAND" all while Lamont Jordan (who drunkenly has his arms around both guys) nods his head. And he really doesn't give a fuck what anyone else says.

And obviously, Stu is Lamonts "mother fucking dude" and hes got "nothing but love and respect"

And then the surprising fact is learned, through Schweigert himself he proclaims, "I might be a white boy but don't sleep on me now"

Then Lamont Jordan shows off his Lil Wayne shirt after drunkenly rubbing the interviewers head. The drunk interviews stop at around the 4:00 mark.

And thennnn.... There was another video. Here you can see Lamont Jordan pouring Grey Goose into a girls mouth, and another drunk interview of him, chugging Grey Goose as the interview goes on. Later on, Vernon Davis, a fellow Maryland Alum is interviewed.

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