Tuesday, June 30, 2009

NFL Classic: Brandon Marshall WR Denver Broncos

Brandon Marshall, disgruntled Wide Receiver for the Denver Broncos, wants out of Denver, he has made that known, and why not? He expects to have a big contract year with Kyle Orton? No... Likely not, his big year was traded away with Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears. He made his thoughts of Denver the city, and Denver the team known when he was arrested for suspicion of DUI in October 2007. He was arrested at around 2 AM when he was pulled over for driving erratically, and blew a .116. Well now some documents are coming out, and here is what he had to say to the arresting officer:

Well that explains it a bit, He doesn't like this city and he wants out. He never came public about his hatred for the city or wanting out until this offseason in 2009 (and he definitely wasn't as angry about it), so either it was the alcohol talking, or he has had this hatred bottled up for 20 months.

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