Wednesday, June 17, 2009

NCAA Classic: Dave Roberts, Will Barker OL Virginia

Will Barker, the crazy fucking redhead, and Dave Roberts, who is no longer on the team, were arrested in 2008 for numerous charges, but mainly for larceny charges, stemming from stealing beer from a cooler in a night club. Roberts was only 19 years old and was charged with MIP and possession of false identification. They were arrested at 3:45 AM on a Saturday morning at Club 216. Seems like a normal college night to me, stealing beer (or at least trying to), getting drunk, and the occasional run in with the law. But something about Club 216 makes this story interesting, its... for the... gays.... Not that there is anything wrong with that.

So how many Mikes Hards did they have to steal before the club goers got mad enough they had to call the police?

Will Barker was featured on this blog before, with his arm only around one guy. And a lack of a Faux-Hawk.

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