Monday, June 29, 2009

Khiry Battle LB Arkansas

Khiry Battle, a Sophomore to befor the Arkansas Razorbacks, was arrested for DUI, cited for a noise violation, and charged with violating the States implied consent law, for refusing to give a breathalyzer. He was pulled over initially because of loud music, and when the officer approached the car he smelled alcohol. But I'm pretty sure that every cop that pulls over a car with a younger male in it says he smells alcohol, and especially when its 2:25 AM like it was when Battle was booked. He failed sobriety tests and refused the Breathalyzer after being taken to Jail. Now THAT arrest is mugshot on the left, less than 2 months ago came the one on the right, which isn't as bad. He was arrested after a background check came back that he had a warrant... for failure to appear. For not paying a careless driving ticket.

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