Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Danny Lansanah LB Green Bay Packers

Here is ex-UDFA LB Danny Lansanah, who was picked up by the Green Bay Packers after the draft last season. The Packers drafted two LB's this year, one in the first round, and one in the 7th round, but now that They're running a 3-4 the Packers have more LB spots so he has a good chance to make the team again. Not that he necessarily 'made' the team last season, but thats one of the reasons I really like Lansanah. He was sitting on the practice squad and the Dolphins called him up offering him a spot on the active roster, but because the Packers gave him that chance to be on the team right after the draft he called up the Packers and gave them the first chance to move him up to the active roster, and they said yes and cut special team LB'er Tracy White, Who has a females name, like Ashley Lelie. So good riddance.

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