Friday, May 22, 2009

Jamarcus Russell QB Oakland Raiders

I was going to wait to post these pictures, they were from Marcus Spears' birthday party, but Mike Florio had to pretend like he hit the holy grail finding these pictures... despite them being months old and him already posting a story about that party (PacMan Jones 'Making it Rain') and the party being months old. Oh well.

Jamarcus Russell, the first overall pick by the Oakland Raidres a couple years back, was seen here at Cowboys DL Marcus Spears' birthday party in Texas. Livin' it up with some drinks and cigars. But damn, look at that chain he has on. If he didn't weigh 300 lbs, I bet that piece would cause him some neck problems. Maybe thats the reason why he can't break out of the NFL buts questions.

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