Thursday, May 28, 2009

DeWayne Walker HC New Mexico State

DeWayne Walker, the Head Coach for the New Mexico State University, was arrested for DUI last weekend, but the charges have since been dropped, but the story is pretty interesting.

Walker was pulled over for going the wrong way down the street at about 12:30AM, and the officer thought that he smelled of alcohol and Walker said that he had 3 beers at a hotel bar, and didn't have any registration since the car was brand new. He then took the field sobriety test which he failed, he was unable to follow the pen on the horizontal gaze test without moving his head. 

During the walk-and-turn test, he did just about everything wrong. He didn't count out loud, which you are instructed to do, he didn't touch his heel to his toe on every step, stepped off the line, raised his arms, took and extra step, and stopped prior to being told too.

Lastly, the one-leg stand, which he swayed and put his foot down before he was instructed too, after that, he was arrested for DUI.

Seems pretty convincing. But after being taken to the station for a breathalyzer, which read an astounding .01. After three beers. Either he has a pretty decent tolerance, or he beat the system. Either way, this man is a god.

Now on another note, look at those cheerleaders behind Coach Walker. What a sorry bunch, that middle girl? Holy shit. And Jesus Christ, they won the National Championship?

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