Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bruce Figgins TE, Justin Houston DE Georgia

Photo by Jim Hipple

Bruce Figgins, a Junior TE, Justin Houston, a sophomore DE, and Tony Wilson, a junior WR were all suspended from the Bulldog program recently, and it was unknown initially why they were allsuspended, but now reports are coming out giving some details. Figgins was suspended 6 games, and Houston was suspended 2 for a positive drug test. Tony Wilson took a different route and took a medical disqualification in order to not get suspended. It is not known if Tony Wilson had failed a drug test, or not. I'm going to go with he did just because I like to party. Figgins suspension is longer because he has failed a drug test in the past, one that kept him out of the season opener last season. Houston and Wilson were both starters, and Houston is widely regarded as one of Georgias best pass rushers.

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