Sunday, May 3, 2009

Biren Ealy WR, Kolomona Kapanui TE New Orleans Saints

Photo by Matthew J. Lee/Globe Staff

Biren Ealy and Kolomona Kapanui were arrested and charged with charges of obscenity, disturbing the peace by being drunk in public and lewd conduct at approximately 1:00 AM Sunday Morning. 

Here is the disturbing story of what allegedly happened: 2 girls walked up and saw Biren and Kolomona relieving themselves in a parking lot. One of the women told them to stop when they drove into the parking lot. Being upstanding citizens and perfect gentlemen Biren (pictured above exposing himself to Patriots Safety Richardson)  greeted the girls by turning around and exposing himself the the ladies and making lewd comments, a little time later Kolomona followed suit and started fondling himself and making remarks also.

If they cut these two players they are losing a ton of offensive talent, stats, and experience. They'll be missing out on Biren's one career catch for 6 yards, and Kolomona's 0 game experience.

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