Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Adam Gunn LB Pitt

Matt Freed/Post-Gazette

Looks like I looked over this one. About 2 weeks ago Pitt LB Adam Gunn was arrested on  resisting arrest, and failure to disperse. I didn't really look into it, no DUI, no possession, and nothing to out of the ordinary. But I missed two little charges, that included disorderly conduct, and public drunkenness. 

Adam Gunn was the 2007 3rd leading tackler on Pitt, but suffered a broken neck last year and was granted a 6th season of eligibility by the NCAA before this arrest. Two Former Pitt players were also involved in the arrest with 2 more public drunkenness charges, and a felony assault charge. Austin Ransom, starting WLB last season, and Kashif Henderson, a former walk on.

Gunn and the two other players were trying to budge in line at Club Zen. Mother fuckers. I hate line cutters. The cops told them to go back or they would be arrested, and Gunn then got in front of the officers, when the officer tried to arrest him he 'spun around swinging' and took off running. Then the drunk ass tripped over a chain in a parking lot, while getting arrested, one of the former players, Ransom, swung at an officer and fought 2 of them. 

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  1. wat a fucking dumbass. you get a last chance at the nfl by having a 6th year granted to you and this is how you fuck it up. you didnt even have a chance to go to training camp and lose your spot. your know the sad part is if the cops would have shot him, he would have said he was unable to play this season and ask for a 7th season. thats how stupid these kids are these he has fun watching his buddy mckillop become a star in the nfl. it must hurt to wake up the next morning and realize that your future is now shit.