Monday, April 20, 2009

Tony Mandarich OL Ex-Green Bay Packers

Tony Mandarich is the fucking colossal bust that my Green Bay Packers took 2nd overall instead of Deion Sanders, Barry Sanders, Derrick Thomas, you know, good players. It turns out that it wasn't only him cutting off his usage of steroids for fear of getting caught that completely fucked over the Packers and his NFL career, with an interview with ESPN, he gave this wonderful quote:

“I spent four years in Green Bay and never [had] a sober day, every day I was ever in Green Bay I was not sober.”
Now we all know Wisconsin can outdrink every other state in America, that is pretty much a given, but this guy wasn't even drunk every day like half the state, he was all hopped up on painkillers, even taking them during practice.
“I was getting really paranoid about people finding out, so what I would do with that bottle and a syringe, I would put it in my jock strap, I’d say, ‘Hey, I’ve got to go to the bathroom,’ lock myself in the bathroom, take a shot, and then come back out to practice and get ready for one-on-one pass drills with the defensive line, and I’m half in the bag.”
Mandarich claims to [when pill form became readily available] take 50-70 painkillers a day while he was wasting away his career, all while drinking alcohol more and more. There is really nothing to say about this whole situation, he pretty much comes out and says everything ridiculous that he could have possibly said.

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