Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Shane Morales WR Arizona Cardinals

I have always loved Arizona's group of receivers, but I can't help but laugh when I think about them signing Shane Morales (left) as an undrafted free agent out of Oregon State. I mean, look at the kid. His outfit screams homo. That is probably his "partner" standing next to him. They even have matching bottles of Goldschlager! How cute! Oregon State is probably the only beaver he's ever seen! (that's their mascot for all the idiots out there who don't get it) Okay, enough is enough. I'll give the guy a break and move on to a more heterosexual player.


  1. homosexual is an understatement!

  2. uhh... Ugly Sweater party?

  3. yeah it's pretty obvious that it was an ugly sweater party but I figured, what the hell, I'll still give the guy a hard time.