Tuesday, April 7, 2009

James Ferentz OL, Zach Derby TE, Tyler Christensen FB Iowa

James Ferentz, head coach Kirk Ferentz's son, was arrested for his second alcohol offense in a year, along with Zach Derby and Tyler Christensen. The three 19 year olds were arrested for public intoxication by school public safety officials. Christensen was also charged with 5th degree criminal mischief.

It all stemmed from Christensen, a redshirt freshmen, who tried to fight an off-duty police officer. When the real police came he looked all kinds of fucked up and refused to take a breathalyzer, and later admitted to breaking a parking gate. Derby joined in wanting to fight the off duty officer, and was also charged with public intoxication, but he accepted the breathalyzer, and blew a .211.

Ferentz was seen stumbling and yelling, and ended up blowing a .16. The three were later suspended by the elder Ferentz for the rest of spring practices.

Ferentz was charged with possession of alcohol under the legal age last october when he was the passenger of a car stopped by police.

Awesome Mugshotty Update: Mugshots.

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