Wednesday, April 8, 2009

David Garrard QB Jacksonville Jaguars

This post comes soley as a rebuttle to Detox's post about Aaron Rodgers and his bold statement declaring Rodgers "the man." If there is one quarterback who knows how to party, it is David Garrard. He isn't worried about getting a little sweaty, and if anything it even turns the girl on more. While I do think Rodgers will have a good NFL career, he is nowhere close to having the amount of "game" that David Garrard has.

(I realize our last two posts have not dealt with athletes drinking or getting arrested, but we thought we would throw a curveball or two and post these. Our next posts will get back to the good stuff: pictures of football players getting hammered, or the mugshots of their arrests. Stay tuned.)

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  1. There isn't someone farther from 'the man' as David Garrard