Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Courtney Edmonson WR Marshall

photo by Greg Perry/HI staff
Courtney Edmonson, Junior WR for the Marshall Thundering Hurd, was arrested on April 9th for alcohol charges. The 20 year old was seen walking across the police parking lot with a bottle of Bacardi Razz. Now there are a couple things wrong with this.

1) You are 20, and drunk, DO NOT go anywhere that there may be a police presence.
2) If you need to transport a alcohol, for gods sake put it in a water bottle or in a backpack.
3) If you need to drink, and insist on getting caught like Edmonson, don't drink such a pussy drink.

To top that all off, he used the most popular excuse in the book. "My bottle of Bacardi Razz contains water, officer." Clever. I'm surprised the officer didn't just let him on his way. Edmonson smelled like alcohol and it turns out that it wasn't water in his bottle. He said he didn't have his I.D. card on him, but after the officer searched him, it was there. After lying to the officer 100 times he was charged with Underage Drinking.

Edmonson becomes the third Thundering Herd to get arrested on alcohol/drug charges in the past month, and the fourth Thundering Herd to get featured on our site.

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