Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Colt David K LSU

Most people probably remember Colt David for scoring a touchdown on a fake field goal against South Carolina in 2007. After finishing his senior season this year, he now looks to find his next opporunity in life. Chances are, that opportunity will not be in the NFL. NFL Draft Scout has him ranked as the 21st best kicker out of 73 in the upcoming draft, so chances are slim to none. But let's remember the good times. Here is what many people regard as the best play of his career:

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  1. OK, so now its well known that Colt David not only likes to party, but he is probably a giant douche, so check out his sister and if you ever come across him insult him about his hot sister. Don't worry about him fighting you, I mean, he IS a kicker.