Sunday, April 5, 2009

Brian Cushing, Clay Matthews LB USC

Brian Cushing, and Clay Matthews, both starting Linebackers for the USC Trojans last year, and first/second round prospects in the upcoming NFL draft have allegedly tested positive for steroids at the NFL combine.

And if you hadn't guessed it, NFLdraftbible is the one that 'broke' the story.

Clay Matthews had a father in the NFL, a grandfather who played in the NFL, and an Uncle that is in the NFL hall of fame. After walking on to USC, with those genes, you could probably expect him to grow into an NFL caliber player.

Cushing on the other hand, has always had steroid rumors following him around. When he showed up at USC, well you can see in the picture above, he had what some people called gynecomastia, or enlarged mammory glands, or man boobs, from steroids. And then the obvious enlargement in muscle build in his time at USC.
Not testing positive, or being rumored to test positive is Rey Maualuga, mainly because everyone knows being Somoan is a natural steroid.
Edit: NFL Doctor that administers the drug testing has told both Cushing and Matthews that they did not test positive for steroids.


  1. Hey nuke head, have you check the news lately? You are a just a notch BELOW my pet pig. Posting is great, but get your info correct...I'm mean verifiable "facts"

  2. Just edited it, NFL doctor that administers testing has told Cushing and Matthews that they did not test positive.

    In my defense though, my computer crashed and I did mention that they were rumored positive tests, and alleged positive tests.