Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Willie Tuitama QB Arizona

Willie Tuitama, ex-QB for the Arizona Wildcats, is now considered a late round NFL prospect. Not anymore. He was arrested and charged with three forms of DUI after an officer stopped him for running a red light. The officer was stationed watching traffic at a McDonalds and one of the workers played hero while making minimum wage and told the officer that the driver may be impaired. After stopping Tuitama, he performed the tests and he was found to have a BAC of more than .15, exact amount for some reason not released.

Slick Willie here wasn't as slick as the first time he got caught drinking, he was able to park and get out of the car with his buddies, which means that he wasn't able to be charged with DUI, just Underage and MIP, and his Hypnotiq and Brandy had to be poured out.

The three DUI charges? DUI, DUI with a BAC over .078, and EXTREME! DUI with a BAC over .15. Which makes absolutely no fucking sense, isn't DUI and DUI w/ BAC over .078 the same thing? And wouldn't EXTREME! DUI kind of be a mixture of the other 2 combined? Crazy Arizonians.

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