Tuesday, March 24, 2009

NFL Classics: Dominic Rhodes RB Indianapolis Colts

Dominic Rhodes, otherwise known as the real Superbowl MVP after the Colts defeated the Bears, because a free agent after that Super Bowl run. His thoughts, hey why not cash in on the good season, especially since Addai is in town taking his carries.

Then he went out and did something stupid.

February 2007, he went out and got arrested for DUI. He was pulled over for going 81 in a 55 around 3 AM, failed a field sobriety test, and registered a .09 on the breathalyzer, barely above the legal limit. Everything was simple, hell, even the arresting officer called it "a normal run-of-the-mill drunk driving arrest"

Then he went out and did something even more stupid.

While sitting in the police care before he spent the night there, he peed his pants in the back of the police cruiser. Now I have heard of people peeing their pants when they are drunk, hell every guy I am rooming with next year has had peeing incidents while they are drunk, whether it in a bed, in a bush, in a garbage can, whatever, it happens. One thing though, it does not happen at .09, I would consider piss pants drunk over .25, this just means that Rhodes is a huge pussy and can't hold his liquor, or Rhodes is a huge pussy and was scared of this arrest. Either way, Rhodes is a huge pussy.

He went on to have a quiet couple seasons with the Oakland Raiders before getting cut and returning to Indianapolis Colts.

The ashamed face of a man trying to conceal the pee running down his leg.

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