Monday, March 9, 2009

Matt Jones WR Jacksonville Jaguars

Matt Jones was arrested earlier today for violating his parole and possession of a controlled substance, no other information has been released yet but considering he was arrested for possession of cocaine when a police officer walked up on him cutting some blow in a car, its safe to assume its Cocaine. This will likely lead to him getting a suspension from the league and maybe getting cut from the Jaguars.

More details, and a NEW mugshot (this one is from his prior arrest) to come likely tomorrow.

Edit: It was not cocaine that Jones had, it was the fact that he had admitted to drinking alcohol during a golf outing the night prior, which was against his parole. He will serve a week in prison, or 6 weeks in a rehabilitation center. He will be out of prison before Jaguars camp starts -- if he is still with the Jaguars.

Edit #2: Matt Jones will be jailed through Sunday, as the rehab center would have taken him away from practices. And, of course, rehab is for quitters.

Edit #3: New mugshot finally up, sleepy ass Matt Jones in the red shirt.

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