Saturday, March 21, 2009

Correll Buckhalter RB Denver Broncos

Correll Buckhalter, formerly of the Eagles, current signee of the Denver Broncos may have himself in hot water here in the near future. Styles Beckels from Pennsylvania has been convicted of selling marijuana, and one of his cliental that he listed off as selling to was the ex Philly RB Buckhalter. When testifying, he denied selling to Buckhalter, but an officer had wiretaps and ledgers connecting him to selling marijuana to Buckhalter.

Beckels originally told police that he sold "Kush" to Buckhalter, allegedly a few vials every couple weeks. Buckhalter denies the allegation, and 3 members of the AFL Philadelphia Soul were also accused, including a former DB/WR who now coaches football at a High School.

During his rookie season with the Eagles 8 years ago, Buckhalter was suspended one game, along with Eagle teammates Terrence Carroll, and Darrel Crutchfield, both defensive backs, when Carroll was arrested and charged with marijuana possession. 

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