Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stanley Wilson CB Detroit Lions

Stanley Wilson of the Detroit Lions seems like quite the partier. The only hope is that he doesn't party himself out of the league -- and into jail -- like his father did. His father was a RB for the Cincinnati Bengals and was suspended 2 full seasons for cocaine use, and prior to the Super Bowl XXIII he told teammates he needed to go get his playbook. Later his coaches found him high on cocaine in the bathroom. He was banned from the league and is in jail for 22 years for robbing a home to help his habit.

Injuries got Wilson starts in 07, and he contended for a starting job in '08. He ended up on the IR for the first 0-16 team in the history of the NFL.

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  1. oh being on an 0-16 team and not playing hardly at all? talk about a double kick to the balls