Monday, February 2, 2009

Preston Parker WR Florida State

Leon County Jail

Preston Parker, a Junior WR on Florida State, was arrested for DUI early Saturday morning, and was dismissed from the team Monday. Parker was found passed out in his Dodge Charger in the drive through of a McDonald's at 4:42AM. According to a witness, he was passed out in his car for 20 minutes before police showed up. The Officer  found Parker in his car, car running, in drive, and after banging on the window Parker woke up left off the break and started rolling forward, causing the officer to get really pissed off.

The whole thing about this is, Preston Parker is a fuckin' lightweight. When he got to the jail, he blew only a .054. The legal limit is .08, and this guy was passed the fuck out at .054. This guy needs to grow a pair and learn how to hold his liquor. 

Hopefully he didn't forget to pick up an application.

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