Thursday, February 5, 2009

Michael Merritt TE Kansas City Chiefs

Michael Merritt is a Rookie TE for the Kansas City Chiefs. He was selected in the 7th round, pick 239 overall out of Central Florida. He was arrested Thursday morning for misdemeanor marijuana possession in Orlando, Florida.

An Officer saw him rolling a "Marijuana Cigarette" in his car, as soon as Merritt noticed the officer he shoved the joint in his mouth. The cop ordered him out of his car and ordered him to "Spit it out", to which Merritt replied spontaneously, "All this for a little bit of weed?"

Yeah, for that 'little bit of weed' (three grams) there was a fine of $250, and since he didn't play much at all, it means he could have lost his job as well. Should have blamed it on Michael Phelps...

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