Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Marshawn Lynch RB Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills Pro Bowl RB Marshawn Lynch has found himself in a ton of trouble in the last year, starting with a hit and run that left a woman with bruises and stitches. Of course the judge threw the book at him in that case, he was to have his license suspended. Which was appealed, and of course overturned.

Last week he was arrested on a felony weapons charge because there was a loaded pistol that was found out to belong to Marshawn in the back of the car, I didn't feel like posting it then because he wasn't drunk or didn't have weed on him.

Turns out I was wrong. The reason the cops searched the car was because when they opened the window to the vehicle the officers smelled marijuana. After searching the car, the officers found 4 blunts. Neither Lynch, nor the passengers were charged with possession because they could not determine who owned the weed or who was smoking the weed.

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