Monday, February 16, 2009

JoPierre Davis CB Hawaii

JoPierre Davis, a Senior CB for Hawaii out of San Francisco has seen limited time at Corner, and a good amount of time on special teams as a gunner for the Warriors. He now has been formally charged with counts of second-degree sexual assault and first-degree burglary. 

What allegedly happened is he went uninvited to a dorm party where he grabbed a girls ass and then refused to leave when he was asked to. The women "went to bed" which of course means she passed out, and she woke up to Davis touching her and 'sexually assaulting her with his fingers' She asked him to stop several times and he just swore at her, zipped up his pants and headed out. On his was out, of course, he didn't forget to grab her camera or her keys. She was too embarrassed to go to the police, and didn't want the arrest to affect her grades at Hawaii.

Later that week when she saw him laughing and got pissed off and poured her coffee on him.

On January 18th, she was at a club when she felt someone grab her ass again, when she turned and saw JoPierre again, wack, she slapped him across the face, and then bam right in the kisser he knocked her out. He also punched a security official on his way out of the club.

I guess that put the whole situation over the edge because she finally went to the police and after searching his room they found a baggie of alleged marijuana and he was taken in on third-degree promotion of a detrimental drug.

Pretty serious shit going on there, I'd say he is pretty much fucked.

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