Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Freddie Mitchell WR Ex-Philadelphia Eagles

Freddie Mitchell, the colossal 2001 1st round bust by the Philadelphia Eagles got busted when he received his FredEx shipment, of 7 pounds of marijuana. He was handcuffed, not arrested, and is under investigation at this time. The package was meant to be shipped to Freddie's brothers B-B-Q restaurant, but it went to Freddie's mothers house first. Freddie claims it is all a misunderstanding, and that his mother takes memory pills and couldn't remember who the package was too. He also claims police jumped the gun because of his celebrity status, minus, you know, the celebrity part.

This just adds on to the failure he has been post-NFL career. No NFL teams gave him a new contract, though he got some feels, and even tried out the AFL, but nothing tops his stop as a substitute teacher, where he got fired for allegedly asking girls for phone numbers.

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