Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tony Moll OL Green Bay Packers

I love the Green Bay Packers, some would say that I would do anything for the Packers. But if there is ONE man on the Packers that I hate, its Tony Moll. Long run play? You better believe that Tony Moll was holding. Beautiful deep ball to Donald Driver? Nope, what the fuck was Tony Moll doing ineligible down field? Tony played TE in college, and apparently loves trying to get open for passes, if that allows a DE in, fuck it. 5 yard penalty wiping away a touchdown, fuck it. Not only all that, he had the nerve to bitch and moan about getting benched.


  1. to hate someone?! DO you KNOW Tony moll?? Didn't think so.. you must be a very sad man. He's a lot more talented then you and you pathetic blog skills.

  2. I don't need to know him. I see him play football. He's. Not. Good.

    Pathetic Blog Skills? :( I might as well quit now while I'm behind :'(

  3. The funny thing is that it was an audible that the QB didn't tell anyone on the line. It was supposed to be a run play. Your a dumbass.